East Gippsland acknowledges the Gunaikurnai, Monero and the Bidawel people as the Traditional Custodians of the land that encompasses East Gippsland Shire. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in East Gippsland, their Elders past and present.

Twin Rivers

Nicholson River

Starting high in the nearby mountains, this 72km river zigs its way down to Lake King. The northern end of the river gives you the perfect skimming rocks in areas like Deptford. As the river zags south, the illusive blackfish can be caught around the Sarsfield area before silently cruising past the Nicholson River Winery for a cellar door stop. The jaw- dropping sight of the historical railway trestle bridge comes into view, and you can access this great sight via the East Gippsland Rail Trail and it is definitely worth the while. Quench your thirst with a cold one at the Nicholson Hotel and grab a Nicholson River pie from the Nicho Store before heading to the Nicholson River Reserve which houses a playground, fishing platforms, fish cleaning facilities, jetties and a boat ramp. 

Tambo River

Beginning on the southern slopes of the Great Dividing Range, the Tambo flows through East Gippsland towns of Ensay, Tambo Crossing, Bruthen and Swan Reach before meeting Lake King. Lilo floating and swimming are popular activities dotted down the river. Our secret spots include Bark sheds, Ramrod and Sardine flat. Another way to experience this beauty is to cycle sections along the river. The road between Bruthen and Metung will wind you along the banks, perfect for casting a line under the cliffs or at one of the fishing platforms. 

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