East Gippsland acknowledges the Gunaikurnai, Monero and the Bidawel people as the Traditional Custodians of the land that encompasses East Gippsland Shire. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in East Gippsland, their Elders past and present.

Reel-y good River fishing

Fall, hook, line and sinker into East Gippsland’s expansive river systems. Boasting an abundance of open rivers, streams and high country creeks - whatever your chosen method you are sure to have a reel-y good time. 

Flowing through the heart of Bairnsdale, this river has kilometers of easily accessible river bank perfect for throwing a line. Take advantage of the fishing platforms installed on both sides of the river near the township and dotted downstream towards Eagle Point. You are likely to hook onto a bream or mullet with worms upstream. Further downstream you are best to try your luck using grubs or prawns as bait. 



Serious river fish anglers descend this part of the world each year for the annual Twin River Bream Classic. There is no denying the high standard of angling which comes from these two river systems. With or without a boat you are able to roam the banks for the illusive Bream. Flathead are very dense in these rivers too, so make sure you pack the secret bait to reel in a feed of flattys. For those venturing high upstream there is a chance of catching a blackfish.



River fishing is one of the most popular past times up in the High Country.  Fly fishing has a sort after nak, and you can spend countless hours perfecting the technique. Choose an overcast day to hide your shadows from the lurking trout and put your skills to the test at reeling one in. 



Where the Snowy River meets the Sea. Marlo boasts an accolade of quality fishing sought after by fisherfolk. Sheltered estuaries make for year round catching of bream and luderick along with other species. The rivers and connecting lake at Marlo are becoming very popular with the combo of kayak fishing and light tackle. The use of local bait such as sandworm and prawn can be sourced individually or purchased at the local Bait and Tackle shop, and don’t forget to bring a supply of squidgys. 


Head on down to “The Bemm”. Angling is very serious here and you will find yourself a repeat visitor to these waters once you’ve mastered the skill to keep reeling them in. You never know what you are going to have on the end of your line with bream, flathead, perch, salmon, taylor and mullet on the hit list. 

Fishing by boat is the most popular option in Bemm River with two boat ramps and jetties. Others need not worry with land accessible fishing platforms spaced around the town to ensure everyone has a chance of catching a fish. 

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