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Whether you want indulgence, heritage, outdoor activities, nature, touring, arts and culture or dining, East Gippsland has it all. From the unique eco-systems found in Australia’s Coastal Wilderness, to the spectacular majesty of rugged mountains threaded through by the Great Alpine Road and the vast array of waterways that make up the Gippsland Lakes, East Gippsland’s regions offer enough variety to meet your every desire.

Discover the adventure, legend and romance of the Snowy River Country along the river’s edge or in the rugged high country around McKillops Bridge, visit the honeycomb labyrinth of the Buchan Caves or enjoy hospitality along the Great Alpine Road. Take a boat across one of the three Gippsland Lakes – Lake King, Lake Victoria and Lake Wellington – or stretch your toes in the golden sand of Ninety Mile Beach, a stretch of long sandy dunes that separates the lakes from Bass Strait between Port Albert and Lakes Entrance.

Australia's largest inland waterway, the Gippsland Lakes are a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons covering 400sq km, and are separated from the ocean with coastal dunes known as Ninety Mile Beach. Bird and marine life thrive here, with the lake dolphins and pelicans frequenting many locations.

The Mitchell River Silt Jetties are a geographical highlight now being claimed as the longest in the world. Drive along the silt jetty out into Lake King with the Mitchell River on one side and lake on the other. The lakes are best seen from the water, but can be visited from the shore, using one of four lakeside villages as a base. Hire a boat here, or bring your own, these incredible walkways offer so much, with 40 casual jetties and top amenities of offer. Three coastal parks stand between the lakes and the ocean. This magnificent coastline is just 10 minutes by fast boat from any lakeside village.

The Alpine High Country is where you can discover National Parks, the Australian Alps walking track, crystal clear rivers, historic huts, camping spots, horse riding, fly fishing, galleries, wineries, golf courses and all that nature has to offer.

 The spectacular Great Alpine Road is Australia's highest sealed road, with year round access. It takes you from the top of Victoria's High Country, down to the magnificent lakes and coastal country of East Gippsland. There are many touring routes and 4WD adventures off the Great Alpine Road in the Australian Alps to ensure you feel invigorated and far away from the hustle and bustle.

A major river in south-eastern Australia, the mighty Snowy River begins i Kosciuszko National Park and winds 352 kilometres south until it reaches the sea at Marlo, in East Gippsland. Snowy River Country spans from the forests to the sea, including the rugged high country around McKillops Bridge, the honeycomb labyrinth of the Buchan Caves to the majestic stands of remnant coastal rainforest near Marlo and Cape Conran Coastal Park.

 Discover the adventure, legend and romance of the Snowy River in the towns of Buchan, Marlo and Orbost, or the high country settlements of Goongerah, Bonang, Bendoc and Tubbut.  Take a day or two the explore Snowy River Country on the Snowy River Country Trail, a 285 kilometre drive through the region’s magnificent natural and heritage attractions. The trail is suitable for cars all year round but not for caravans or trailers as some roads may be unsealed, narrow or windy in parts. You can chose to raft it, walk it, 4wd it or just take photos of it - the Snowy is all about adventure. This region has much to offer - Buchan Caves, Snowy River and Alpine National Park, and towns that are brimming with country hospitality.

Mallacoota2-330pxWCoastal Wilderness Region

The Croajingolong National Park is UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Its diverse eco systems and incredible natural beauty of coast, rivers and hinterland will excite your senses.

With 100km of rugged and unspoilt coastline plus pristine eucalypt forest, rainforest and heathland combine to offer a rare glimpse of wilderness, including indigenous and endangered species in their native environment. Embrace the essence of beauty in the Croajingolong and its hinterland.