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Arts, Culture & Heritage

Arts, Culture & Heritage

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Be swept up in the richness and vibrancy of arts, culture and heritage in East Gippsland, which attracts renowned artisans passionate about their crafts. Learn about our traditional Indigenous art and heritage at the Aboriginal Cultural Museum in Bairnsdale then explore the many smaller galleries and workshops dotted throughout the region.

Arts & Culture

Get up close and personal with the vibrancy of arts, culture and heritage. Meet artisans, musicians and people who have made East Gippsland home and who are passionate about their craft. Roam through the region and be inspired.


Heritage includes preserving the culture, traditions and assets from one generation to another. By knowing our past, our places and our people we can better understand our special place in the world. Enjoy discovering our region's uniqueness through a journey into our past.

EG Mossiface maize Barns mossiface websiteThe keeping of records; the knowledge of days gone by. Our region's Heritage Groups and Museums educate us about our past or help find the missing link that you might be searching for. Historical Societies, Heritage Groups and Museums span the history of East Gippsland. Research and resource material, photographs, newspapers or family histories are able to be accessed by contacting a local heritage group. Several museums run by historical societies or private operators can be found in the region.

Public Art and Art Trails

Scratch the surface and unearth a unique journey leading you to artistic works or activities located in public spaces in our region. Eye catching works depict the essence of East Gippsland. Consider an Art Trail as the way to explore, by town or by medium – the choice is yours. Visit the local Visitor Information Centre to pick up a copy of our guide to art, culture and heritage in East Gippsland.  

Studios, Galleries & Performing Arts

Visit one of the many galleries or studios that exist in our region. Check out home studios and watch artisans up close and personal. Whilst most galleries and studios have listed open hours, some artists’ studios enjoy their privacy in hideaway locations but open by appointment.


Unique Galleries & Studios are located throughout the region, including Paynesville, Nicholson, Nungurner, Nowa Nowa, Swifts Creek and Metung. Sculpture, glassware, drawing, painting, jewellery, ceramics, photography, textiles or mixed media are a selection of what is on offer. Community bands, dance, music and theatrical groups continue to entertain and educate, reflecting strongly on our diverse community through the performing arts medium.

Indigenous Culture and Heritage

Traditional inhabitants of the Gippsland region were the Gunai/Kurnai people. Swan Reach was the central corroboree point for the five clans of the Kurnai. Today, our regions history is rich in their culture and heritage. In Indigenous culture Art is the representation of identity and expression of knowledge, cultural heritage and a deep association and linking to the land.

The Bataluk Cultural Trail is a wonderful insight into the culture and heritage of the traditional inhabitants of East Gippsland. It is a story of where they came from and what they encountered. It is rich in meaning and sometimes harsh in reality. With explanations of indigenous heritage sites and information on a variety of cultural aspects, this guide is a must. The local Koorie people welcome the opportunity to tell visitors about their traditional lands and culture but ask that you respect their land and culture in your behaviour. Enjoy your experience.

Historical Sites and Heritage Trails 

East Gippsland’s heritage brings to life the people, their stories, the successes and heartbreaks of the generations who lived their lives here. Take the time to embrace the past and living heritage on offer. Connect with people, places and history. Sites all around our region add a special chapter to East Gippsland’s story that remains preserved in its historical sites, buildings and museums. Heritage trails include everything from special mapped out walks around Bairnsdale to touring by car around Gold Digging sites on the Great Alpine Road. Go deep underground and experience the Buchan Caves or explore the gardens and grounds of a heritage home at Nyerimilang Heritage Park