East Gippsland acknowledges the Gunaikurnai, Monero and the Bidawel people as the Traditional Custodians of the land that encompasses East Gippsland Shire. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in East Gippsland, their Elders past and present.

Mitchell River National Park

Land Based Activities

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Mitchell River National Park has impressive river scenery, serene rainforest gullies, rugged landscapes and some of Victoria’s more unusual vegetation communities. From open forest to remote river gorges, the park is home to a vast array of indigenous flora and fauna, some at the furthermost extent of their range.

The park is an exciting destination for outdoor enthusiasts and boasts unspoilt natural beauty and remoteness.

Den of Nargun Loop – 3.4km, 1 hours circuit
Starting at the Den of Nargun picnic area, walk through the rainforest gully. The stepping stones lead into the Den itself. Tradition has it the Nargun lives there, a fierce being, half human and half stone. Absorb the eerie atmosphere of the Den of Nargun from a safe distance. The Gunaikurnai people and Parks Victoria ask you to respect this special place by not entering the cave.
From there retrace your steps and continue down Woolshed Creek. The trail features another cuturally significant site, Dedcock Den and the Bluff Lookout with views of the Mitchell River Gorge.
Mitchell River Walking Track – 18km, 2 days one way
The walk starts at Angusvale and follows the Mitchell River as it winds its way down the gorge, ending at the Den of Nargun picnic area. Overnight camping is available at Billy Goat Bend which is located about half way along the walk.
The walk offers spectacular views from the river to gorge top as well as plenty of birdwatching opportunities.
Old Weir Site Lookout (Glenaladale Weir) – 300m, 20 minutes return
Starting at an informal carpark where Old Weir Track crosses a tributary of Stony Creek, this short walk takes you to a lookout. The ruins of the Glenaladale Weir, constructed in 1881 are located at the junction of Stony Creek and the Mitchell River. Stone for the weir was quarried from the western side of the river.
Picnics and camping
The main picnic area is located at the Den of Nargun. Toilets, picnic shelter and tables, gas barbecue and fire places are provided. Billy Goat Bend is also a popular spot with basic facilities and panoramic views of the Mitchell River Gorge and rapids.
Angusvale Camping Area has easy car and river access. Vehicle access is also available at Rock Creek and Billy Goat Bend Camping Areas. There is basic camping along the Mitchell River Walking Track at Rock Creek, Mitchell Road, Cobbannah Creek, Billy Goat Bend and Woolshed Creek. Please camp at least 50m away from the water and take all rubbish away when you leave.
Canoeing and rafting
The river offers short day trips or extended touring through the tranquil pools and turbulent rapids down to the Gippsland Lakes. It provides challenging grade III and IV rapids with the best times being July to December. Check river levels before you leave.
Restricted deer stalking is permitted in accordance with hunting regulations in the eastern section of the park from 15 February to 15 December. Hunting is only permitted south of Horton

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Mitchell River National Park, Vic, Australia

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