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Cann River

Cann River


Located between the Lind National Park and the Alfred National Park on the Princes Highway, Cann River is the ultimate crossroad. Cann River is a good place from which to explore Croajingolong National Park, Point Hicks Lighthouse and the ancient rainforests of Victoria's far east. It is also a popular roadside stop, a place to pick up supplies and rest awhile. You can camp, fish, bushwalk or snorkel/dive off Point Hicks and enjoy the wonders of what nature has to offer in this spectacular part of East Gippsland.

Cann River is a convenient place to stop and is a turning point for many journeys. Head out of town along the Monaro Highway towards to the Australian capital of Canberra or continue along the Princes Highway, the coastal route between Sydney and Melbourne.


Things to do 

Explore the Lind National Park, within 15km of the town:

  • Coopracambra National Park is an untouched part of Victoria with a gorge and granite peaks to impress those who come to see
  • Excellent fishing with a multitude of creeks, rivers and inlets around Cann River
  • Stop in town and enjoy wonderful hospitality from the many cafes and stores

For further information or brochures visit our local Visitor Information Centres online or call 1800 637 060. 

Travel time: Approximately a 2hr drive from Bairnsdale


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