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Please note: we are not available to residents of Melbourne Metro area.

Water-Taxi or 1 hour Ocean Entrance Sea-Safari trips:

We have modified our vessel and operations to cater for COVID-19. Capacity 2 adults (and up to 2 children of same family or household). Sanitised clean between each trip. Payment either cash, SQUARE or Bank Transfer.

Lakes-Explorer Water-Taxi service operates on calm waterways around Lakes Entrance, Metung and major rivers.

Lakes-Explorer focusses on taking travellers to remote and unique places to view marine life and bird life that larger tour boats are unable to visit....

Due to COVID-19, we are now only carrying 2 passengers (Maximum 4 passengers if one family) on Commercial Ferry "Lakes-Explorer". Departs as required. Times are based on demand, weather and wildlife viewing opportunities...

WATER-TAXI: Lakes Entrance - Ocean Entrance: $10 per person (min 2 persons).

Lakes Entrance - Barrier landing, Rigby Island, Kalimna ($10-15pp)

Fraser Island Retreat (Guests only): $40 per trip each way. Lakes Entrance - Metung: $80 per trip each way.

SEA-SAFARI (Eco-Tours):

Ocean Entrance Sea-Safari: 1 hour: $20 per person (only 2 persons).

Education tour around ocean entrance to view Seal colony and sea-birds.

Tours and Trips only run if weather conditions are suitable. No on-board toilet however public toilets are near jetties.

All tours and trips are run by Skipper Pete, who is a Coxswain, an accredited Eco-Guide (Eco-Tourism Australia), Licensed Tour Operator (DELWP Parks Victoria), qualified Tour Guide, former National Park Ranger, member of Birdlife Australia and member of Wildlife Tourism Australia. Booking via SMS 04585 11438.

Hours: Departure times: As required based on demand, suitable weather and wildlife viewing opporunities.


Please note: we are not available to residents of Melbourne Metro area.

Due to COVID-19, we have modified our operation. We only carry 2 persons (and up to 2 children from one family); undertake sanitising between trips; payment either cash, SQUARE or bank transfer.

Skipper Pete operates a water-taxi service and educational wildlife eco-tours (Sea-Safari) around Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyers and local major rivers. Skipper Pete is an acreditted Eco-Guide (Eco-Tourism Australia), Licensed Tour Operator, former National Park Ranger (land & marine) and a qualified guide.

All water-taxi services and Eco-tours (Sea-Safari) use the quick vessel “Lakes-Explorer” for taking up to 2 passengers (or family of 4) safely to remote and unique locations.

The water-taxi service is designed for bushwalkers, photographers, wildlife viewing, access to remote houses/jetties or travellers wishing to visit remote islands with in the Gippsland Lakes.

WATER-TAXI: Lakes Entrance - Ocean Entrance: $20 for 2 persons; each way.
Lakes Entrance - Barrier landing: $30 for 2 persons. Each way.
Fraser Island Retreat (Guests only). $40 per trip each way (up to 4 passengers and luggage.
Lakes Entrance - Nungurner: $60 per trip each way. Lakes Entrance - Metung: $80 per trip each way. Discount for multiple trips on the same day.

ECO-TOUR (Sea-Safari). $20pp. Only 2 Adults (and up to 2 young children if one family). Special focus on local wildlife including Dolphins, Seals, Kangaroos, Hog Deer, Pelicans, Terns, Kingfishers, Hooded Plovers, Sea Eagles, Cormorants......

Pay on board. Cash, SQUARE or bank transfer. Subject to suitable weather.

For your safety: Water-Taxi services and Sea-Safaris are often to remote locations that don't have road access..... thus please come prepared.... The Skipper has the right to modify or cancel an activity.

All Sea-Safaris and Water-Taxi services are subject to suitable weather. The Skipper has the right to modify or cancell the activity. Regular COVID-19 cleaning undertaken.

287 The Esplanade, Lakes Entrance, Victoria, 3909, Australia