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East Gippsland Famers Market

East Gippsland Famers Market

Saturday 6th May 11:59am - 1:59pm

Categories: Markets , Community Events

If you have never attended FARMER'S MARKET then this is the time you "Discovered the finest produce in Gippsland" at Farmer's Market on the first Saturday of the month. You will discover the finest cheeses, dips and cheese associated products and pestos and marinates. This is your opportunity to obtain fresh vegetables, potatoes and pumpkin.

How would you want to miss the chance of obtaining a variety of fresh apples and rhubarb or pure honey or fudge or ice cream and berries? A great way to purchase your lamb or fresh lamb sausages, smoked meats and venison.

Don't miss out obtaining the following- Dargo walnuts, goats milk and cheeses, pasta, jams and sauces, chutneys and eggs. Check out the large variety of cakes, biscuits and organic breads, olive oil and vegetable soaps.

Follow up the recent rain by obtaining Australian native plants, flowers or check the range of potted colour and many other plants.  Finish your visit with the best of wines or a coffee or a freshly cooked breakfast.

You should not be disappointed by visiting  FARMER'S MARKET in BAIRNSDALE.

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