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A diverse small farm experience like no other!

We invite you to get hands-on in the world of small and larger farm animals!

Our range of animals varies from time to time. But at the time of publication (April 2017) our farm has: Goats (of various breeds) Sheep (of various breeds) Cows Alpacas Pigs Miniature Australian Ponies Shetland Ponies Rabbits Guinea Pigs Ducks (of various breeds) Turkeys Peacocks Guinea Fowl Poultry (various breeds: eg, Silkie, Frizzle, Wyandotte, Jungle Fowl, etc) Dogs (various breeds), and, Cats (house cats - very shy!) Your farm visit can be tailored to your needs and interests and would be built around our basic activities:
  1. Farm Tour: feeding, handling and observing poultry, etc, and interacting with as many animals as time and availability allow,
  2. Goat Milking and Feeding (morning and evening): lessons and/or observing for all ages,
  3. Petting Farm: getting hands-on with small and medium animals in a friendly environment - ideal for all ages!,
  4. Miniature Pony Rides: mostly for younger folk under about 40kg,
  5. Feeding Larger Animals (late afternoon and evening): close up interactions with larger animals,
  6. Farm Chores: observing and participating in various jobs to be done around the farm as they arise from time to time.
  7. (All activities are $80 for a family group for 1 hour or $50 for an individual or couple.)
Except for the Farm Tour any two of these activities can be operated simultaneously for larger groups. ($120 for the two activities for 1 hour.) (The Farm Tour activity is 'stand-alone' and it is not possible to be operated simultaneously with other activities.) We are quite adaptable so feel free to contact us to discuss how we, and our animals, can entertain you!

Phone: 51543145


We are noted by local Department of Primary Industries staff as operating the most diverse farm they have observed! With photo opportunities galore, whether young or young-at-heart, most everyone loves interacting with animals and getting hands-on where possible. Real experiences with real animals - that's what we offer at the Florance Family Farm!

Other activities based at the Florance Family Farm in Waygara

If any of our services are of interest to you, or to an organisation that you know of, please feel free to get in touch!

248 Waygara Road, Waygara. Victoria. 3888. Australia