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The Mallacoota Bunker Museum is operated by the Mallacoota and District Historical Society, whose aim is to preserve and display Mallacoota's unique WWII history and the local history of the district. The museum is located in a large underground concrete bunker from where anti-submarine operations were conducted throughout WWII. During that conflict, the bunker was an important part of a chain of defence installations located along the southern and eastern coastline. It was the headquarters of RAAF coastal intelligence activity in the region, and provided the command post co-ordinating defence of shipping passing the south-east corner of the continent. Aerial surveillance was provided by Avro Ansons and by Beaufort aircraft from the adjacent airfield, while Sea Gull flying boats operated from Mallacoota Lake. A radar installation and signal station on nearby Gabo Island provided surface surveillance and communications. This system provided defence against German surface raiders in early years of WWII and subsequently against attacks from Japanese submarines. These installations were operated on a joint service basis with the RAAF's 1 Operational Base Unit operating the Bunker and the Gabo radar site, the Army providing local security from 38 Battalion and the RAN operating the signal station on Gabo Island.

Airport Road, Mallacoota, Victoria 3892 Australia